An Inexpensive yet Powerful Business Strategy

There is nothing new to be said about the concept of emailing. However, one thing that deserves mention is that it is a brilliant business marketing strategy. More than 34% of people throughout the world use emails, either for business purposes, educational or personal reasons. In fact, another report says that around 196 billion emails are sent daily throughout the world, and 109 billion emails out of this are related to business. So this proves that email marketing is so powerful that it can connect people from all over the world within moments.

Now just think of your target customers whom you always want to reach out to in no time. Email marketing again plays a crucial role here that will help you do so and in a very personal manner. Most importantly, there is no clearer medium than this where you get to communicate by exchanging written messages. Emailing is rather so magical that you can use it to cover any aspect of your business, be it convincing a client to avail your service or a simple request for feedback to your potential customers. This form of marketing is indeed prospective and will never be possibly outdated anytime in the near future.

Your next query might hint at the perks of email marketing. So let’s take a look at a few steps to understand how email marketing can bring you success in business:

  • Emails identify mobile users easily – You cannot really deny the fact that people today are hugely dependent on smartphones. This is where email marketing can prove to be valuable for business owners by, targeting consumers on mobile. In the United States, around 52% of mobile phone owners check emails from phones. Moreover, emailing is always preferred over SMS because emails are not chargeable and have ample space to write one’s message.
  • Emails keep customers alert – Marketing through emails is something that does not include challenges. However, one needs to be wise in making it effective by helping clients stay connected. There are many who run email marketing campaigns as per their local stores and favorite brands. As per reports, it has been found that 28% of online shoppers in the United States stay informed by subscribing to product emails.
  • Coupons through emails trigger sales online – Reports say that 65% of the consumers have agreed to the importance of email coupons while buying groceries online. It has also been predicted that the number of mobile coupons will double in the next 5 years so that billions of people can access them with ease. This marketing strategy has moreover been quite efficient in reaching a good number of online bargainers.
  • Marketing through emails is feasible - If you ask the topmost reason of using email marketing, it is nothing but its cost-effectiveness. With this form of marketing, business professionals can reach customers in good numbers quite comfortably within their budget. This way you can easily reach your target audience without spending much.